Drone services

At Cornerstone Drone Services, we offer a wide variety of drone services for all of your needs.

Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue, Aerial Flood Mapping, Fire & Disaster Site Inspection

In every emergency response situation, every second counts. Drones can now fly to the rescue to assist police in the collection of data to better analyze crime scenes, or assist search and rescue teams in quickly tracking down victims.

With a drone in the air, operators can quickly and efficiently collect detailed data and footage to help emergency response crews cut down on costs, maximize the efficiency of operations, and keep workers safe.

Aerial Photo & Video


Drone photography and video have become widely accepted by more and more agents for their listings. Aerial views showcase an entire property’s features including landscaping, acreage, yards and land, as well as areas that are difficult to capture by regular cameras.

Aerial photography & video also compliment the interior video/photos to provide a complete experience of a property, like drone footage of a lovely neighbourhood, walking paths, schools, parks, etc. Most importantly, online listings with an aerial photography/ videography highlight gain more views than others.

Wind Turbines

Wind, Gas, Powerlines & Nuclear

Safe operational standards are critical when it comes to the running of energy operations including nuclear, oil and gas, and more. When it comes to traditional inspection methods, operators are challenged with the task of performing inspections over large and complex facilities while keeping workers safe and out of harm’s way.

A drone equipped with a thermal or zoom camera can easily pinpoint defective equipment, to keep energy production running at optimal levels. With a drone, large operations from solar farms to pipelines can be inspected quickly and efficiently from the air to keep facilities running efficiently and safely.

infrastructure, Mining & Transportation

Industries such as mining and transportation are complex and require regular inspections to ensure that operations are safe, and running efficiently.

A drone in the air can collect data to enable users to create 3D models, orthomosaics, elevation data, and volumetric measurements.

With the information collected by the drone, operators can analyze job sites from beginning to end, or quickly assess results that can make planning easier and much more efficient.

Construction site

construction site assessment & monitoring

Track the momentum of development projects and communicate progress providing safe, detailed visual data. Operators can inspect thousands of properties without taking a step, saving time and man power on big projects.

Underwater Drone Services


Boat Hull

Hull Inspections

Dock by a lake

Dock & Pier Inspections

Ambient Underwater Scene

Lost Item Searches

Photo of Turtle Swimming Underwater

Underwater Photography

Aquaculture farm

Aquaculture inspection

Underwater search & rescue

Operations assisting divers and dive teams with recovery.

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